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Happy 40th Birthday

Birthday wishes - Happy 40th My Love

Dear Cullen,

Catching up on my letters, so this is very late. I celebrated your 40th birthday on July 19th. It wasn't what I had planned for you of course. The night of your accident we talked about the plans: the long weekend in the Hamptons at the nicest (only) resort there. We had never been there before but it was on our list of places to visit and it was where you wanted to go. I found the list by the way...

Instead, our friends came to the house, knowing it would be hard for me (hard for all of us). We had dinner, drinks and cupcakes. We missed you, talked about you a little and cried, but we got through the day and celebrated for you. That was the closest to a party that I had in July.

I know how you loved to entertain, and I was surprised that you didn't want a party for your 40th. I remember my 40th, and the party you had for me - all of the effort you put into the food and the decorations. You bought me 40 balloons, you ordered me a cake from a bakery in Norwalk, you bought cheese and meats from the Fairfield Cheese Company (because it's the best, of course) and cheffed some great food yourself (the tomato and honey crostinis are still one of my favorites). We created our first "signature coctail," (the watermelon one) and coined the phrase "bulk items" that became one of our private jokes every time we entertained. You were so good at entertaining, and I learned a few things from you that are now part of my "entertaining playbook.." 

Love you CW,

MA Walsh

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