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Horace Loves Stella

Fall laughter as the seasons changed - Horace Loves Stella

Dear Cullen,

I finally decorated for fall. It took awhile and I didn't think I'd do it, but eventually I became restless and thought that I should put in a little effort for the season. I took out all of the decorations, even all of my "scarecrow people" that you always made fun of and thought were creepy. I remember how you even named my first one Horace, after your little imaginary friend you had when you were a kid. I think you secretly liked him; it was evident when you started messing around with him and putting him in different places in the house to freak me out. I remember when I was working late or at tennis and you would text me pictures of Horace being bad. It was so funny, and I'm sure you had a lot of fun thinking up bad things for Horace to do - like your personal Elf on the Shelf for fall. I found one picture you sent when we were living in the Norwalk house, it's my favorite:

I think he's cute. I still have him, and he's keeping me company by the windowsill in the kitchen, although he's really not doing anything bad these days...

Love you lots,

MA Walsh

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