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I Eat Tuna out of a Can

I remember your talent for cooking anything even lunch M.A. WalshDear Cullen,

I am feeling a little guilty today. I had a tuna salad sandwich for lunch, and I knew you were there sitting on my shoulder wondering what the heck I was doing. "Haven't I taught you anything?" I could hear you say in my mind, as I used a can opener and added a can of tuna to a bowl where I chopped celery and onions and added Mayo. I remember how you absolutely refused to use tuna out of a can for sandwiches. The only tuna salad you ate was the one you made using fresh tuna that you cooked and chopped and seasoned yourself (of course). The HORROR of eating tuna out of a can. 

I will say that when you made your famous "non-tuna out of a can" tuna salad for my parents, they loved it and said it was the best they ever had. I would agree, it was the best I ever had as well. I just don't have the energy to make tuna salad with fresh tuna, and I really don't remember all of the stuff you put in it. There was some secret sauce or something. Maybe a little grainy mustard or an herb of some sort? Not sure. Not to mention the fact that I don't really like eating lunch anyway, too much effort and not that many good options. My lunch was fine, I was hungry so it passed as food. Maybe next time on a weekend I will make tuna salad with the fresh stuff. I will need to look for the recipe so I don't wind up putting strange things in it. At least I used the "good Mayo" (you taught me a few things mister). 

Love you!

M.A. Walsh

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  • Mom on

    Meredith: Read all of the blogs. All I can say is that they are beautifully written and after reading them my heart is just so heavy and sad. When your child hurts no matter how old, you hurt also. I think of you every day and am grateful to God for giving Cullen to you even for the short time. True love is such a beautiful gift. Love you always, MOM

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