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It's All in a Name

I remember when we signed up for each other. M.A. Walsh

Dear Cullen,

Last week I was creating greeting cards for a craft fair, hand-signing each one below the artwork with my silver and gold pens. My eyes lit up for a moment as I remembered how you held a "Walsh practice" after we were engaged to teach me how to sign my new last name after we were married. I thought it was so cute how you wanted us to sign our names the same way, with a little loop at the end of the "W" and an extension of the "h" at the end like you had been doing for years.

It's all in a name, M.A. Walsh hand-signed card. What it means to be a Walsh

I still do that today, and I will never forget that moment. We were so happy together and so excited to continue our lives as husband and wife. Our signature was another way to link our lives and broadcast to the world that we were an unstoppable team. Now, every painting and card I sign has a little bit of you on the front, and I get to send them out into the world knowing how special that signature is to me and what it meant to be married to you. I am proud to be a Walsh, and proud to be YOUR Walsh. 

Yours Forever,

M.A. Walsh

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  • Mom on

    My heart aches for your loss and always will. Pray for you every day.

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