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Scary Laughter

I remember the games we'd play, laughing and smiling until it hurt M.A. WalshDear Cullen,

I came across a card you wrote me last year, and you said how you loved relaxing with me in our house "except when I scare you, but that's fun too." I remember how you loved to jump out of hiding places and make me launch 10 feet in the air, or when you'd randomly scream when we were watching TV and make me jolt off of the couch. I loved seeing you laugh when you did that; your whole body would shake and your eyes would squint shut from laughing so hard. Although I was always jumpy because of your game and I was on to you many times (like when we would be going upstairs to bed and the lights were off, I KNEW you were around the corner. You seemed to scare me anyway!), I loved those times with you, just being silly and messing around our house, just because we could. 

I miss my playground partner. Love you CW,

M.A. Walsh

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