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Six Months and We Were Silly

Six months and silly remembering the smiles and the laughter

Dear Cullen,

Today is 6 months since your accident. I can't believe it. It feels like yesterday since I lost you, and I still can't remember that much since it happened. I think my brain is still in "protection mode" and I am just flying through each day to establish some sort of a routine and to move past the pain and sadness. I have been working with the estate attorney on the probate court filings, tax returns and all of the requirements to close down the estate..I don't think many people realize how long it takes, not by choice but by legal requirement. At least it keeps me busy. 

I was in your closet doing "inventory" and found an old phone of yours. I almost didn't want to open it, but I thought you may have had some pictures that I did not, and I was right! I spent a couple of unexpected hours looking through your pictures, and sending them to my phone. I was so touched by some of them. Seeing me through your eyes and discovering how you sometimes took pictures of me when I wasn't looking (like poking the fire, hugging Murphy, painting, sleeping, etc.), brought to life how much we loved each other. I loved the pictures of the first time we went to The Cottage (our favorite restaurant in CT), ring shopping in NYC, and just those moments when we were just being silly. Those were the best.

Just us being silly

This one made me laugh. visiting our friends in NYC back in February 2016. It would have been the best picture of us, except.... "Always the jokes Cullen, always the jokes." XOXOXO.

Love you bestie!

MA Walsh

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