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The Holiday Spectacle

I remember the light in your eyes on those dark autumn nights

Dear Cullen,

I keep driving by "that house" on Weston Road: The house that decorates for every holiday with as many lights, blow up things, lawn people and holiday scenes as humanly possible. I remember when we used to drive by together, see the red van in their driveway and say "look out, the holiday spectacle is in process," and wonder what new decorations they can possbly pull out for whatever holiday is approaching. We also would notice the many new items each year, and how the decorations for Christmas were somehow now creeping outside of their fenced-in yard. We both agreed it was over the top, gaudy and that we would NEVER do that to our house, and often wondered how much electricity and money it takes to keep that craziness up each holiday. It kept us entertained for the drive home, so I can say thanks to that family for helping me keep the memory alive.  

For Halloween, there are purple and orange lights on the house and trees, ghosts, witches, skeletons, spiders and webs, and other things I can't remember, You would be rolling your eyes if you saw it. 

Love you,

MA Walsh

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